Fluimucil antibiotic IT

Pharmaceutical form Package № Dose strength
Lyophilisate for injection 3 bottles of lyophilisate / 3 ampoules of solvent 3 ml
4 ml

Manufacturer: Zambon S.P.A

Fluimucil antibiotic IT is the only combined drug in Ukraine with a synergistic effect of an antibiotic and a mucolytic for effective local and systemic treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, including bacterial sinusitis and adenoiditis.


Treatment of bacterial respiratory infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to the drug.

Local application:

- Acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung abscess, obstructive emphysema, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, whooping cough, bronchiolitis.

- Treatment of bronchopulmonary complications after thoracic surgery (bronchopneumonia, atelectasis), relief of bronchoaspiration during anesthesia, prevention of infectious complications.

Nonspecific forms of respiratory infections in mycobacterial infections to improve the drainage of cavernous foci.

- Catarrhal and purulent otitis, infections of the auditory tube, sinusitis, laryngotracheitis, rhinopharyngitis, prevention and treatment of obstructive and infectious complications during tracheostomy, preparation for bronchoscopy, bronchoaspiration, bronchography.

System application:

In all the above-mentioned cases of bronchopulmonary diseases, when the doctor recommends combined antimicrobial and mucolytic treatment..


active substance: 1 bottle contains thiamphenicol glycinate acetylcysteine 810 mg (equivalent to 500 mg of thiamphenicol).


The drug Fluimucil antibiotic IT thins mucous and mucous-purulent secretions and has a wide spectrum of antibacterial action.
The properties of the drug allow for both intramuscular and local use with good local tolerability.
The mucolytic effect of the drug in the respiratory tract is confirmed by an intense thinning effect on mucous and viscous muco-purulent secretions and is characterized by high clinical tolerability, higher than that of a simple mixture of acetylcysteine + thiamphenicol.
The presence of a broad-spectrum antibiotic in the composition of the drug allows its use for the treatment of bronchopulmonary infections; the drug is particularly active against pathogenic microorganisms that cause respiratory tract diseases: pneumococci, haemophili, Kl. Pneumonia, etc., including anaerobic microorganisms. Fluimucil antibiotic IT provides effective treatment of respiratory infections due to the ability to dilute viscous secretions, and bacterial infections provoked by them, and also facilitates the removal of exudate, which contributes to a faster and more complete manifestation of the bactericidal effect.
Acetylcysteine enhances the therapeutic effect of thiamphenicol, the free sulfhydryl group of acetylcysteine causes the lysis of existing mucus, facilitating the penetration, activity and distribution of the antibiotic in tissues, providing an anti-adhesive effect, which has been proven, for example, against Pseudomonas in preparations of respiratory tract cells.

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