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vaginal suppositories on a plant basis 10 (Українська) -

Manufacturer: MITEK LLC, Ukraine
Production site: BIODUE S.P.A., ItalyООО «МИТЕК», Украина Производственная площадка: БИОДУЕ С.П.А., Италия

Triorizol Phyto - a combination of plant extracts and hyaluronic acid for sanitation of vaginal infections, prevention of relapses, improvement of the condition of the vaginal mucosa


To alleviate conditions and increase the effectiveness of treatment for vaginal diseases of bacterial and/or fungal origin.
For patients with frequent vaginal infections in order to reduce the frequency of relapses.
To prevent intrauterine infection of the fetus and placenta.
To improve the elasticity of the birth canal in order to reduce trauma (ruptures) of soft tissues during childbirth.


1 vaginal suppository contains: active substances - dry aloe vera extract 10 mg, tea tree oil 11 mg, grapefruit extract 60 mg, hyaluronic acid 5 mg; excipients: triglycerides up to 2 g.


Active components Triorizol-Phyto
• have antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic effects
• normalize vaginal pH
• maintain the epithelial and mucosal barrier to limit the entry of pathogens into the lower reproductive tract during pregnancy
• moisturize, improve elasticity and firmness of tissues, promote their regeneration

Declaration of conformity of medical device No. 001.02 dated May 12, 2020.

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