Pharmaceutical form Package № Dose strength
Nasal spray, solution - 10 ml

Manufacturer: Zambon S.P.A

Rinofluimucil is a nasal spray with anti-edematous and mucolytic effects for the treatment of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis in adults and children 12+.


Acute and subacute rhinitis with thick purulent-mucous secretion, chronic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis.


active substances: 1 ml of the drug contains: acetylcysteine - 10 mg, tuaminoheptane sulfate - 5 mg


The drug has a mucolytic and anti-edematous effect, which is explained by the pharmacological properties of the active substances.
Acetylcysteine has a mucolytic effect due to the presence of a free sulfide group, which, by breaking the disulfide bonds of mucus glycoproteins, thins nasopharyngeal secretions.
Tuaminoheptane sulfate is a sympathomimetic amine, with local application it has a vasoconstrictive effect without systemic effects.

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