Athomer Spray

Pharmaceutical form Package № Dose strength
Nasal spray - 35 ml
100 ml
150 ml

Manufacturer: «Pharmacosmetic-Diafarm»

100% sterile seawater of Aegean Sea for all forms of rhinorrhea treatment/abolition


- In cases of rhinorrhea and nasal blockage during ARVI, flu, allergy.
- In cases of nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx inflammation.
- In cases of allergic, vazomotor , atrophic, hypertrophic rhinitis.
- In cases of chronic adenoiditis
- For the preventive measures during allergic diseases seasonal ingravescence.
- For nasal cavity hygiene
- For preventive measures against noci -influence of smoke, dust, allergens, heating systems and air-conditioning systems.


Sterile isotonic seawater of Aegean Sea with natural microelement formula.


Seawater dilutes thick mucus and helps to clean the nose. Reduces swelling and nasal blockage, clears extreme dryness of the nasal mucous membrane.
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