Pharmaceutical form Package № Dose strength
Ear drops bottles 25 ml

Manufacturer: Zambon S.P.A

Anauran is a combined drug with a synergistic effect for the treatment of otitis of various etiologies, which quickly relieves the pain syndrome due to lidocaine, and eliminates the main cause of inflammation - bacteria - thanks to a proven combination of antibiotics.


Acute or chronic otitis.


active substances: 100 ml of the drug contain: polymyxin B sulfate - 1,000,000 IU, neomycin sulfate - 0.5 g (equivalent to 375,000 IU), lidocaine hydrochloride - 4.0 g.


Due to its active substances, the drug Anauran has antibacterial and anesthetic properties.
The constituent components - neomycin sulfate and polymyxin B sulfate - effectively act against the etiological factors of infectious inflammations of the hearing organs.
Due to its anesthetic effect, lidocaine relieves pain symptoms characteristic of most otological diseases.
When using the drug Anauran, the signs of inflammation, such as pain and itching, are reduced, mucous-purulent secretions stop, the drug prevents the development of possible complications of the existing inflammation (mycotic superinfections, wound infection, etc.).

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