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  • Ditem-Farmgroup LLC

    Ditem-Farmgroup is a company focused on development of products for the pharmaceutical market.
    Our approach is based on analysis of medical needs. It results in marketable products development and introduction into the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. In future, our partners with wide experience in promoting on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, will promote these products.
    The products selected by us are unique or predominate over similar competitive products on the pharmaceutical market. They are clearly positioned and aimed at solving current medical challenges in commercially attractive segments of Ukraine pharmaceutical market.

    ZiO-Zdorovie PLC

    ZiO-Zdorovie PLC is a modern Russian pharmaceutical company, built and equipped according to GMP standards. The company produces solid dosage forms: tablets, coated tablets, solid capsules, powders and granules in sachets.
    ZiO-Zdorovie PLC strategic priority is the "production of modern, high-quality, effective and safe medicines.
    Lekhim JSC

    Joint Stock Company Lekhim is a high-capacity modern high-tech product company, established in 1992. Today Lekhim is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine in developing, producing and selling high-quality and available medicines.
    Enterprises, included in Lekhim Group of Companies, meet all requirements of modern medicines commercial production and have an appropriate technical, material, human and scientific capacity.
    Nutrimed LLC

    Nutrimed LLC was established in 1998. For more than 15 years of activities in the area of herbal plant extracts production and promotion, the company has permanently occupied leading position in the Ukrainian market, has created modern production complex in accordance with the ISO / HACCP standards.
    In 2010, the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine awarded Nutrimed the title "Leader of the industry." Today, Nutrimed LLC is actively involved in expanding markets for its products and contract manufacturing services.
    Monfarm OJSC

    Monfarm OJSC was established on the basis of the public enterprise Monastyrischensky pharmaceutical plant, organized in 1986. Today it is the leading pharmaceutical company of Cherkassy region and, based on the results of national rating Pharmexpert, ranks No. 13 among 162 domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in Ukraine by production volume. The range of medicines produced by the company includes more than 60 products of various pharmacological groups.
    Products, produced by Monfarm OJSC are of high efficiency, proper quality, available and successfully sold not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries.
    Scientific and Industrial Company Pharmasoft LLC

    Pharmasoft is a progressive, quickly developing company, which introduces modern medicines and parapharmaceutical products , developed by domestic experts. It is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of medicines.
    For many years Pharmasoft has been developing innovative products in the sphere of medicine and pharmacology. The Company focuses on developing and providing consumers (patients) with modern highly effective and safe medicines.
    Pharmstandard OJSC

    Pharmstandard OJSC is the leading pharmaceutical company in Russia engaged in developing and producing modern, high-quality, available medicines that meet healthcare requirements and patients expectations.
    The group of companies Pharmstandard produces more than 250 types of medicines, including drugs for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chondrotropic hormone hunger, gastrointestinal, neurological, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, cancer and other diseases treatment.
    Farmtsentr VILAR CJSC

    Farmtsentr VILAR CJSC is organized on the basis of VILAR plant, public enterprise, established in 1959 as an experimental production base of VILAR institute for development of medicines from herbal raw material production technology and improvement of existing phytochemical production. During this period, the company introduced more than 100 new medicines and dosage forms into batch production.
    The main task of Farmtsentr Aromatic Plants CJSC is new modern medicines production
    Feron LLC

    Feron LLC was established in 1998. The company has developed and produces medicines based on recombinant interferon alfa-2b and also carries out researches of interferon and immune systems of children and adults in cases of various inflammatory infections.
    Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited

    BSV Ltd is one of rapidly growing biopharmaceutical companies in India and ranks first among the ten largest Indian biopharmaceutical companies. The company, established in 1971, is located in Mumbai and researches, develops and produces injectable biological, pharmaceutical and biotechnological products.
    The Company product portfolio consists of 25 brands.
    Pharmacosmetic-Diafarm G. Soultogiannis & Co EE

    PHARMACOSMETIC-DIAFARM company was established in 1982 by Pharmaceutical Chemist Dr. Georgios Soultogiannis, in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company produces a wide range of pharmaceutical products from herbal ingredients.
    PHARMACOSMETIC-DIAFARM production capacities are located in Thermi (Thessaloniki) and accredited in accordance with the standards of the European pharmaceutical legislation of the National Organization for Medicines (EOF).
    DKP Pharmaceutical Factory LLC

    Zhytomyr Pharmaceutical Factory Vishpha® is a domestic producer of medicines from the herbal raw material, included in the top ten of Ukrainian producers.
    The pharmaceutical factory scientific potential is implemented in the company scientific research center that actively carries out search and development of new modern, marketable medicines.
  • BaDM LLC

    BaDM LLC is the largest national distributor on pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.
    The Company mission is to take care of the nation's health by maximum supplying of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market operators and medical institutions by a wide range of high-quality pharmaceuticals and related products; to create favorable cooperation conditions for each client, searching for an individual approach and ensuring maximum needs satisfaction.
    Venta Ltd

    Venta Ltd is a successfully developing company masterfully gaining grounds on a such difficult market as pharmaceutical distribution. An important part of Venta portfolio comprises of medical devices: medical equipment, blood pressure monitors, bandages, syringes and systems, personal hygiene and care products.
    The Company mission is to improve the quality of life and people health, to provide a full range of quality services in regard to supplying quality medicines to the population.
    Optima-Pharm LTD JVC

    Optima-Pharm LTD JVC. has been one of the leading distributors of medicines and medical supplies in the territory of Ukraine for twenty years. It is the winner of numerous awards and prizes for outstanding achievements in the sphere of pharmaceutical distribution.

    Fram CO LLC

    Fram CO LLC was established in Ukraine on October 15, 2014. The company ranks among Top 5 pharmaceutical distributors on the market. Logistics capacities, large customer base and deliveries in place from most manufacturers operating on the territory of Ukraine, allowed Fram CO LLC to occupy significant market share of 9% and permanently settle down in the list of leading distributors in the pharmaceutical business.
    Farmaco LLC

    Farmaco LLC offers products and solutions assisting people in improving their life quality. We strive to be an attractive partner for our suppliers and do everything we can to ensure that the company Farmaco will be reasonably associated as the customer-oriented company.