1.1. This SITE USE AGREEMENT (TERMS OF USE) (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) refers to the site of the Limited liability company "MITEK" (hereinafter - referred to as MITEK LLC the Site owner), at address

1.2. MITEK LLC site (hereafter - Site) is owned by MITEK LLC.

1.3. This Agreement regulates the relations between MITEK LLC and Users of this Site.

1.4. MITEK LLC reserves the right to amend, add or delete articles of this agreement at any time or completely change it without notifying the user. The user is personally responsible for looking through this Agreement searching any changes in it. MITEK LLC recommends the User to review the terms of the Agreement during each Site session to obtain current information.

1.5. This site, its content and/or separate pages (parts) contain professional specialized information concerning prescription, non-prescription medicines, their properties, routes and possible contraindications, strictly reserved for licensed medical specialists (persons with special medical education) and /or specialists in health care. The content of the site cannot be used as the basis for medical advice, consultation, recommendations for the selection, prescription and/or use of medicine or medical device and is not a guide for self-diagnosis or treatment. If the User is not a doctor or the other licensed specialist in the sphere, MITEK LLC brings user attention to the fact that all information posted on the site cannot replace licensed doctor consultation and cannot be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment.

1.6. Continuation of Site experience by the User signifies the User Agreement acceptance and confirms the User special medical education. If the User is not a licensed medical specialist, and violating the terms of the Agreement, continues to experience this site, MITEK LLC does not bear responsibility for possible negative consequences resulted from the independent use of Site information (content). The user does this independently and deliberately, understanding that the taking prescription/non-prescription medicines can only be prescribed by a doctor after consultation, and self-treatment may be harmful to your health.


2.1. The following items, used in this Agreement, have the following meanings:

2.1.1 LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "MITEK" is the owner of the site at domain name that carries out its activities via the Internet resource and related services.

2.1.2. The site is an information website (place in the World Wide Web (Internet), with its address, personal owner, and consists of individual web pages) containing the information posted by the Owner.

2.1.3. Site administration is an authorized personnel for Site management, acting on behalf of MITEK LLC.

2.1.4. The user of site (hereinafter - user) is a person having access to the Site via World Wide Web (Internet), and using the Site.

2.1.5. Verbiage is the content, website content, publication, includes images, audio, photo, video, illustrative, text and other materials posted on the Site.

2.1.6. The Site content (hereinafter - Content, Verbiage, Materials) – is intellectual property protected by the law, including the texts of literary works, their titles, prefaces, annotations, articles, illustrations, covers, musical pieces with or without text, graphics, text, photographic, derivative, composed, and other works, user interfaces, visual interfaces, the names of trademarks, logos, other means of goods and participants of the economic turnover differentiation, programs for computers, databases, as well as design, architecture, selection, coordination, interface, overall style and layout of the content, constituting the part of the Site, and other intellectual property jointly and/or separately presented on the Site.

2.2. All other terms and expressions shall be interpreted in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and business practices.


3.1. The site owner provides the User with the following services:

3.1.1 Access to electronic content for a fee and/or free of charge, for viewing content.

3.1.2. Access to search and navigation engines on the Site.

3.1.3. Feasibility to post messages, comments, users’ opinions, evaluating the site content.

3.1.4. Other services (services) available on the site.

3.2. For providing the User with proper access to the site, the site Owner is entitled to receive, store, process, use impersonal general information freely to count data such as: the total number of site sessions, Users IP-addresses, the session date and time, browser type and language, cookies files, the number of sessions on each page, Internet access service providers names, Internet access service providers, providing services for Site users, domain names. It is necessary for proper site operation, providing services, site operation optimization, and the site information space integrity protection.

3.3. MITEK LLC can use IP-address to identify the site Users computers when it is necessary for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the rules of site use or the protection of the site Owner, the site or other users goods and services from the violations of the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.4. This agreement covers all currently existing (genuinely functioning) site services, as well as any subsequent modifications that will appear in the future, additional site services. The site is developed to provide general information about the company "MITEK", its services and products.

3.5. Access to the Site is provided on a free-of-charge basis. The site administration does not provide medical consultation services.

3.6. Site materials and services use is regulated by the norms of current legislation of Ukraine and this Agreement. All Site verbiage is MITEK LLC property and cannot be used without the Owner written permission. MITEK LLC does not guarantee that materials posted on the Site usage will not infringe the third parties rights. The verbiage posted on the site should not be construed as direct and indirect right to use the information and/or licenses and other permissions, etc. of MITEK LLC (including the trademark, trade name, etc.).

3.7. The verbiage posted on this Site is protected by copyright according to the legislation of Ukraine and international copyright and is possessed or used by MITEK LLC or the party that supply materials to the site Owner.


4.1. The site administration is entitled to:

4.1.1. To change the Terms of Site Use as well as the content of this site on a unilateral basis. The changes take effect from the date of the Agreement new version publication on the Site.

4.1.2. To restrict User access to a site without explaining such restriction.

4.1.3. To set/change, on a unilateral basis, the amount of payment for access to the Site.

4.1.4. To place a reference to other pages (sites) in the World Wide Web (Internet) on the site, MITEK LLC is not responsible for the content (pages) of such a Site by reference. Click-through to other sites (pages) is carried out at the user risk and peril.

4.1.5. MITEK LLC is entitled to send information messages to their Users by e-mail, SMS on a mobile phone and other means of communication, using the data provided by the user (postal address, e-mail, mobile phone, fax, etc.).

4.1.6. "MITEK" is entitled to popularize and promote the Site by any means, not prohibited by the legislation of Ukrainian and to post advertising materials on any page of the Site, including, but not limited to, contextual advertising, banners, as well as videos, photos and interactive advertising clip on the Site.

4.1.7. The site Owner is entitled to take remedial actions to the User, breaking the terms of this Agreement, and seek sanctions and liability to the User, as provided for in the legislation of Ukraine.

4.2. The User is entitled to:

4.2.1. To use the site solely for the purposes and in the manner provided for by the Agreement and not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

4.3. The site user is liable:

4.3.1. To respect proprietary and non-proprietary rights of the site Owner, authors, and other rights holders while using the Site.

4.3.2. To avoid taking actions that could be considered as a violation of normal site operation.

4.3.3. To avoid spreading any information, prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine and confidential/ protected by the legislation of Ukraine using the Site.

4.3.4. To avoid any actions that may result in information, protected by the legislation of Ukraine, confidentiality violation.

4.3.5. To avoid using the Site for spreading advertising information, except with the written consent of the site Administration.

4.3.6. To avoid using the site services for the purpose of: Downloading verbiage that is unlawful, harmful (contains viruses, that is, programs that disturb computer normal operation), violates any rights of third parties; promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and/or discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, religion, social factor; contains false information and/or insults of particular persons, organizations and governing institutions. Incentive for unlawful acts, as well as for assisting persons whose actions are aimed at a violation of restrictions and prohibitions in force in the territory of Ukraine. Introducing and/or pretending to be another person or organization representative, without sufficient rights, including the site employees. Misinformation concerning the properties and characteristics of any Product from catalog posted on this site. Avoid using the site services for the site normal functioning obstruction and/or violating the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.4. The User is prohibited:

4.4.1. To use hardware, software, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices, or equivalent manual process for accessing, acquiring, copying or monitoring the site content.

4.4.2. To obstruct the site normal functioning.

4.4.3. To bypass the site navigational structure for obtaining or attempting to obtain any information, documents or materials by any means, which are provided by the site services.

4.4.4. To access unauthorized to the site functions, any systems or networks related to this Site, as well as any services offered by the Site.

4.4.5. To disrupt the Site or any network, relating to the site security system.

4.4.6. To do backward chaining, to keep track or try to keep track of any information concerning any other Site Users.

4.4.7. To use the Site and its content for any purpose, prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine, as well as to solicit any illegal or other activity that violates the Site owner or other persons’ rights.

4.4.8. Other actions that may obstruct the Site normal functioning and/or violate the current legislation of Ukraine.


5.1. The Site and Content, posted on the Site is owned by MITEK LLC and managed by the site Administration.

5.2. The Site content should not be copied, published, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any other way, as well as posted on the World Wide Web (Internet) without the prior written consent of the site Administration. The user is entitled to download the materials, posted on the Site for personal non-commercial use, when preserving "MITEK"LLC copyright (i.e., when using site content for private (non-commercial) purposes, the user must necessarily indicate the source of the material, including this site, the site Owner and notices of property rights, if available). The user is not entitled to modify, distribute, copy the site content, including text, images, audio, video and photos, for public, commercial and other purposes.

5.3. The Site content is protected by copyright, trademark law and other rights related to intellectual property as well as unfair competition law. Trademark, logotype, symbol, emblem, brand of separate and means of the products and economic turnover participants differentiation, posted on the site present MITEK LLC registered brands (trademarks, logos, etc.) and/or registered trademarks of MITEK LLC counterparties. These brands should not be used without written permission of MITEK LLC and/or the third party that may be the products and economic turnover participants differentiation means (logotype, trademark, etc.) owner. The use of or reference to any information posted on the Site, except as provided in this Agreement, is prohibited.

5.4. The user is personally responsible for the confidentiality of account information, including password, reserving and any other activities carried out on behalf of account user.

5.5. The user should immediately inform the site administration about his account and password unauthorized use or any other security breaches.

5.6. The site administration is entitled for unilateral user account canceling.

5.7. This Agreement shall apply to any additional terms and conditions concerning products purchasing, services rendering, etc., provided on the Site.

5.8. Information posted on the Site should not be interpreted as the Agreement alteration.

5.9. The site Administration is entitled to make changes in the list of goods, services, etc. offered on the Site and/or make changes in prices, conditions of products and/or services offered on the Site purchase/delivery at any time without the User notice.

5.10. The Site users explore the Site and its content at their risk and peril.


6.1. Any losses that User may bear in case of intentional or reckless violation of this Agreement provision, and resulted from unauthorized access to another User's communications, will not be reimbursed by the Site Administration. The User should individually reimburse all losses (including loss of benefit, moral and other damage) of the other Users, third parties or the Site owner resulted of this Agreement violation and/or personal data posting on the Site of, as well as the other actions connected with the Service use.

6.2. MITEK LLC disclaims any responsibility for:

6.2.1. Delays or failures in transaction performance resulted from force majeure, and any telecommunications, computer, electrical, and other related systems breakdown.

6.2.2. Transaction systems, banks, payment systems functioning and delays associated with their functioning.

6.2.3. The proper Site functioning, in case when the user does not possess the necessary technical means to use it, and is not under obligation to provide the User with such means.

6.2.4. MITEK LLC disclaims any responsibility for any references to this Site, for the content of other sites, publications, video and audio materials published outside the Site. The reference (in any form) to any site, product, service, or any information of commercial or non-commercial nature, posted on the Site is not "MITEK." LLC approval or recommendation of the products (services, activities, etc.).

6.2.5. The site Owner and any other person, who participated in the Site setting up, maintenance, hosting is not responsible for any losses or negative consequences resulted from the Site and/or its content use.

6.2.6. In case any information about any events (cultural, seminars, trainings, etc.) posting by the Site Administration, MITEK LLC disclaims any responsibility for any activity or inactivity of such events providers and caused adverse consequences to the User.


7.1. The Site Administration is entitled to disclose any information, gathered about the Site user, if disclosure is necessary for investigation or complaint regarding the Site unlawful use, for checking the User, who may break or interfere with the Site Owner or other Users’ rights, identity (identifying).

7.2. The Site Administration is entitled to disclose any information about the User that it deems necessary for the provisions of the current legislation or court decisions fulfillment, ensuring the conditions of this Agreement fulfillment, rights protecting or the organization, or Users names security ensuring.

7.3. The Site Administration is entitled to disclose the information about the User if the current legislation of Ukraine requires or permits such disclosure.

7.4. The Site Administration is entitled to terminate and/or block access to the site without prior notice if the User violates this Agreement or any provision of the other documents, that define the Site use conditions, and in case of the Site deactivation or technical glitches and problems.

7.5. The Site Administration disclaims any responsibility before the User or any third party for the termination of access to the Site.


8.1. In case of any disagreement or dispute between the parties to this Agreement, a compulsory condition for judicial recourse is the submission of the claim (written offer on voluntary settlement).

8.2. The claimee, notifies the claimant in written about the results of the claim consideration within 30 calendar days of the claim receipt.

8.3. Where impossible to resolve the dispute on a voluntary basis, any party may seek legal redress for its rights, provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.


9.1. The Site administration does not accept the User offer regarding the Agreement alteration.

9.2. Reviews, comments, questions, data, User suggestions posted on the Site and/or information transmitted by the User Administration site via e-mail or any other means is not confidential and can be used by the Administration of the site without any restrictions. Any information transmitted by users on the site can be used Ltd. "MITEK" for any purpose under the current legislation of Ukraine.

9.3. MITEK LLC does not guarantee the accuracy and relevance of supplying information posted on the Site. The site Owner disclaims any responsibility for the activities and consequences of activities based on the information posted on the Site. The Site Owner does not guarantee that the Site content use will not infringe/infringes the third parties rights. The Site Owner disclaims any responsibility for typographical or other errors or omissions in the materials posted on the site. The site content is provided solely for informational purposes.

9.4. The Site Owner does not guarantee that: services meet/will meet the User demands; the services will be provided continuously, quickly, securely or correctly; results that can be obtained via services will be accurate and reliable, and can be used for any purpose (e.g., facts verification and/or confirmation); any product, service, information, and etc., obtained via services, and information posted on the Site quality will meet the User's expectations.

9.5. This site is setup for users on the territory of Ukraine. If the user resides in another country, the User alone individually checks the existence of coronary limitations related with the Site use imposed by the receiving country legislation. The user is personally responsible for the receiving country legislation compliance.

9.6. The information on the Site is provided under the principle "as is»,i.e. tre-run as it’s available as of the grant, therewith no direct or indirect warranties are provided. The user receives information on the site "with all faults that appeared at once or gradually.